Tourism Marketing 3.0

Tourism Marketing 3.0

A road map to business “Success” in a digital age

What is marketing in the 21st century?  What am I really trying to sell?  Who am I selling it to?  Does social media replace all the other things I used to do?  Who are my messages reaching?  How do I create 3 more hours every day?

Well, this workshop won’t actually create more time in your day, but it will help you focus your marketing efforts and find ways to measure what you are doing.    Through a combination of presentations, team exercises, whole-room discussion and some one on one mentoring we will help you define the best marketing opportunities for your business, and develop your skills in maximizing these opportunities through cutting edge marketing technologies.

Topics to be covered:

  • Marketing Plan development
  • Identification of target market – the role of EQ
  • Mapping the sales process for key target audiences
  • Where social media fits and how to maximize return
  • Controlling your web presence – key areas to focus
  • Telling the story – it’s all about the experience
  • Evaluating your efforts


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