Smartphone Usage

September 3, 2010

It is amazing what you can do with a smarthphone today!  We recently wanted to get away for a short weekend trip but had no real idea where we would stay or all of the things we would do.  We knew we had only three nights at most and a few ideas of the general location we would head.  What a liberating experience, we stopped when we wanted and in no hurry to make it to a destination simply to get our room for the night.  How did we do this?  Our smarthphone – it was amazing to roll into an area and be able to learn what was going on in the region from websites but more importantly see a place we would like to stay and just connect into or to see if we could book it.  On one occasion we saw the no vacancy sign only to be able to book online with which was great.  Seems that what we were doing is becoming more popular with travellers as well. recently did a survey that showed rapid growth by phone users to do bookings as they travel instead of pre-departure.  All we know is that it sure did beat the old process of calling endless numbers and getting that same response of were full.