QR Codes Explained by CSI and Integrated by GMIST

February 23, 2011


edgecodeLast fall we integrated some new components into the Edge of the Wedge program called QR codes or 2-D codes.  These are small icons which when combined with a smart phone can lead to a rich multimedia experience for consumers and visitors.  We demonstrated to participants how they can use these to bring new life to static interpretive displays or drive customers to their business in marketing campaigns.   It seems that since that time all I have seen and heard are QR codes and how great they can be for your business.  I see them in the mall, I see people at retail stores with their phones scanning items and I see them being incorporated into tourism attractions to add richer experiences.  I recently read a great piece titled 2-D Codes: The 10 Commandments for Marketers.  Great article which you should read, but it really highlighted something for me about all these media rich tools at our disposal.  Many organizations see these as novelty tools instead of what they truly could be which is tangible components for your marketing plan that drives revenue to your business.    Another great link I found titled How to Use QR Codes for Marketing  demonstrated how you can use QR codes to promote your event in an exciting and new way.   Whatever medium you choose make sure it fits with your overall marketing plan and complements existing materials and efforts!