Fall 2015 Best Practice Missions

August 27, 2015

The Fall 2015 Tourism Best Practices Missions are now open for registration

(1) Mission Title: Season Extension
Date:   Oct 21 – 26, 2015
Location:   Edmonton and Jasper, Alberta

Changing visitor travel patterns have provided Atlantic Tourism operators with an incredible opportunity to extend their operations well into the fall/early spring or even become year round operations. Understanding the travel motivators for visitors outside of “peak” tourism season is key to developing a sustainable tourism industry.   It will provide industry and government the opportunity to work towards targeted packaging opportunities and unique seasonal events to draw people to Atlantic Canada Destinations!

The Edmonton/Jasper region of Alberta have been working to provide season extension opportunities to bridge the gaps between the summer season and ski season in the mountains.  The purpose of this mission is to showcase a range of urban and rural experiences and events that have helped bridge those seasonal gaps.

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(2) Mission Title: Seacoasts – Coastal Tourism
Dates : Oct 25 – 30, 2015
Location: Maine, USA

For over 100 years visitors to Atlantic Canada have been drawn to our unique seacoasts.  Home to incredible natural assets and rich cultural traditions the sea is what sustains much our tourism industry in the region.    During this mission participants will be exposed to one of the most visited seacoasts in North America.  The Gulf of Maine is a truly unique part of Maine, with its rugged coastline and rich maritime history. Visitors to the region will find rustic fishing villages, lighthouses and long, sandy beaches; a wealth of museums and historic architecture – and a vibrant art scene with theatre, dance and rich and delectable food experiences.

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(3) Mission Title: Culinary – “Foodie” Tourism
Dates: Nov 1 -6, 2015
Location: Maine, USA

A great proportion of visitors to Atlantic Canada are looking for great food experiences. They want unique food and drink experiences linked to what we grow and harvest from both the land and sea. With such a heightened emphasis on the “foodie” experience there exists an opportunity for Atlantic Canadian destinations to share their culture and history through food and drink. This mission will concentrate on how destinations have created foodie experiences that highlight their regions and engage the visitor in unique ways.

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