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What’s in your Backpack?

Cultivating Experiences – Thinking Smaller While Leaving A Larger Impact

Have you been thinking about and wishing that you had time to infuse an immersive component into your business offering but find it challenging to carve out the time for creation and development?  As the high season is getting closer, are you eager to create some memorable experiences for your guests, but unsure if you can pull them together?  If so, consider joining Chef, Outdoorsperson, Author and Storyteller Lori McCarthy for an engaging one day workshop in Mobile, NL, the Headquarters of Food Culture Place.

This workshop is all about keeping it simple. While we’re all taught to think big with our goals and dreams, this day is about thinking a little smaller while creating a larger impact.  Whether it’s a day-long venture or an enhancement to an existing program, consider dedicating a day to explore new possibilities. Whether your focus is on a nature-based program, a cherished cultural craft, an engaging experience for children, or a culinary endeavor, this is your opportunity to fully immerse yourself in reflection, creativity, and inspiration.

Take the time and space to align your vision and what’s important for you, for you and your business.

Workshop Overview

Join a select group of 12 like-minded tourism business owners and operators for a day of unparalleled inspiration in the heart of the woods in Mobile, NL at the home of Food Culture Place.  During the day with Lori you will deconstruct an immersive cultural experience that is connected to food, culture and place, and then draw on your own creativity and story to construct an experience offering of your own.

Engage with creative minds, cook over an open fire, forage wild treasures from nature, and exchange ideas in a collaborative atmosphere. This immersive day goes beyond crafting business ideas; it involves crafting from nature itself, providing insights into the rich culture of food, artists, crafters and creators. Don’t miss this chance to ignite your creativity and bring a unique experience  to your business.

While we will endeavour to accommodate participant mobility and dietary issues, please note that parts of this program will take place out in nature.  Participants need to be prepared to be outdoors for part of the day so please bring comfortable and waterproof footwear as well as mittens or gloves and a toque.  A warm jacket with a hood is suggested as the outdoor elements will proceed regardless of the weather. You are encouraged to dress in layers as the weather is known to change throughout the course of the day.

Date & Location

What’s in your Pack will happen on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm in Mobile, NL.  Detailed directions will be provided upon acceptance into the program.


Upon acceptance into the program, GMIST will cover the tuition costs for this learning experience.  Participants will be responsible to pay for their own travel to and from Mobile, NL and their accommodations if required.  There are several accommodations options located nearby, and one that is just a three-minute walk away.  Upon acceptance into the program, GMIST and Food Culture Place can assist with making travel and accommodation arrangements as required.

The Facilitator

The What’s in Your Pack workshop be led by Lori McCarthy, Founder and Owner of Food Culture Place.  Lori identifies fiercely as a Newfoundlander, which means more than just geographical location of birth to her. Her passion for the land is matched only by her passion for food culture.

To be a wild chef, forager, hunter, educator and avid outdoorsperson is less unusual amongst Newfoundlanders than you might think. The province’s culture is based on the values of resourcefulness and working with what the land provides. Lori has made it her life, becoming a leader and advocate in a back to the land approach where traditional food culture is central.

Food Culture Place is a Cultural Food Residency program crafted to invite people to experience the island’s way of life. The days are designed to share a better understanding of the people and place that she holds so close to her heart, ensuring the next generation who will inherit this land will keep the traditions alive and will care for it with great pride.

Application Process

The application process for What’s in Your Backpack has now closed.  We will notify successful applicants via email.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@gmist.ca.