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Webinar: Looking at Labour Costs Differently

Labour costs can be one of the most challenging things to manage within your operation.   This sixty minute webinar will explore how compartmentalizing data can drive revenue and improve your labour cost results.  Our guest speaker, Jim Taylor from Benchmark Sixty, will discuss a range of concepts to help you re-frame your thinking and approach to labour costs and labour retention.   For example, how can you use productivity as a measurement?  How does that differ from efficiency?  What if you viewed your labour model as an investment rather than an expense?   You will also learn why an “industry standard” labour model doesn’t exist.  Jim will also share some innovative ways that you can reward your team based on productivity rather than just profit.

Over the last 20+ years, Jim has both helped to fuel the growth of a leading national restaurant brand, as well as consulted with hundreds of other restaurants to navigate the ever changing restaurant industry.  As the Founder and CEO of Benchmark Sixty Restaurant Services, Jim has worked alongside small, medium and large restaurant companies in North America and the UK in order to help them understand how new concepts like compartmentalized business productivity and employee workload are both measured and leveraged in order to improve the hospitality industry.  His encouragement for leaders to “see things differently” has been instrumental in the strategy and execution of several successful businesses.  Jim is the co-host of “Turning The Table”, the most progressive weekly podcast for today’s food and beverage industry, featuring staff-centric operating solutions for restaurants, and was recently named to Vancouver, British Columbia’s top 100 business innovators of 2022.

Everything comes back to people for Jim, and he believes that our industry needs to stick together in order to survive.  Through his work with strategic partners, as well as a growing team of consultants his goal is to make the restaurant industry a strongly desired place for people to continue to find both their first job, and their dream job.

Jim is confident that there is a new way forward for the industry, and is on a mission to improve the career experience for the next generation of hospitality professionals.  He believes that there are more simple ways to look at the business model, and that by looking through a new lens, industry leaders will be able to more easily attract and retain people, while also making the financial side of the business less stressful.

All in all he is motivated to “Think Differently”, “Protect People”, “Change Restaurants” and believes that “Retention is the new cool.”


Wednesday, October 25, 2023 @ 2:00 pm ADT / 2:30 pm NT / 1:00 pm EST

The webinar is FREE but registration is required.  Click HERE to register.