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Museum Hack Storytelling Workshop

October 12, 2022

Awesome Stories!

GMIST is excited to be partnering with the award winning Museum Hack out of New York City to offer their own fiery brand of Story Telling through a unique online workshop.   For those who aren’t familiar with Museum Hack they have revolutionized tours with their story centred approach and cutting edge marketing appeal.  They are well known for their F***ing Awesome Museum Tours! Working with their Team-building division a small group (12) of tourism operators will get a quick injection of creativity and energy from these Master Storytellers.

Over the course of 120 minutes the Museum Hack Master Storytellers will share key engagement techniques that they use every day as part of their tour deliveries.  Don’t expect to be just an observer in this workshop as you will be expected to work in teams to create some unique stories using the 5 elements shared with you.   This is sure to be a highly entertaining and a quick hit of energy and creativity for your business.

Who Is This For?

Hey we know you have been flat out for months working 12-15 hour days.   This workshop is meant to give you a bit of a break, have some fun but at the same time provide some key takeaways you can implement in your own tour operations. Let’s not over think it – come have some fun!  So this is for mangers, staff, owners who want to kick start their creative juices.


GMIST will provide a full bursary to cover the  cost of the workshop.


October 12th @ 10:00 AM ADT – 12:00 PM ADT (2Hrs Max)


Note that registration for this program is now FULL.  If you are interested in registering for a future offering of Museum Hack, please email info@gmist.ca to add your name to the waiting list.



For more information email us at info@gmist.ca