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Making the Perfect Pitch: Presentation Skills for Business and Personal Success


Do you get nervous each time you are due to give a presentation?

Do you struggle to organize your thoughts?

Do you dread the Q&A period?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, read on!

The Program

Making the Perfect Pitch is a series of three interactive webinars designed to help you deliver effective presentations to colleagues, clients or the public.  This skill is critical to business and personal success, however many – including plenty of talented, competent and intelligent people – struggle with it.  Who among us hasn’t been disappointed by a speaker we thought would be exciting and engaging, but instead turned out to be flat and uninspiring?

It doesn’t have to be that way.  In this fun and interactive three-part webinar, you’ll learn the key secrets to preparing and delivering terrific presentations:

  • Strategies for overcoming nervousness
  • What’s the first step in preparing for a presentation (and it’s not what you may think)
  • How to organize for clarity and impact
  • The importance of key messages
  • Essential elements of a successful pitch
  • Secrets of effective delivery
  • How to make the most of online presentations
  • Over a dozen proven persuasion techniques
  • Acing a Question and Answer session
  • WOWing with PowerPoint

Plus there will be plenty of opportunity to interact, engage and practice!

No matter whether you’re a shy beginner or a seasoned speaker, expect to learn new techniques, tips and secrets that will help you become a better presenter!

Participants are asked to come with a presentation topic in hand – an actual upcoming speaking opportunity, a past presentation, or simply a hobby or interest – that can be workshopped throughout the sessions, and even presented for feedback!

The Faciliator

Carl Duivenvoorden is an accomplished speaker, writer and sustainability consultant.  Carl’s company, Change your Corner, is based in New Brunswick.  He had a diverse career in agriculture which took him to over 25 countries, but he always had a concern about human impacts on the global environment.  After reading “An Inconvenient Truth,” he became one of the first Canadians to be personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to present live versions of his Academy Award-winning slideshow.  Since then, he has worked as a speaker, writer and sustainability consultant, helping people and organizations learn how they can save money, energy and our environment.  He’s been featured three times on 24 Hours of Reality, Vice-President Gore’s annual global climate change webcast. His environmental column, Green Ideas, was published in major New Brunswick newspapers for ten years, and he writes periodically for the Huffington Post.


Three interactive 90 minute Zoom sessions:

October 10, 17 & 24, 2023 at 1:30 PM Atlantic / 2:00 PM NT / 12 noon EST


GMIST will apply a full scholarship to cover the cost of tuition for all accepted participants.



Applications must be received by September 26, 2023.  Note that space is limited, so apply early and be as complete as possible in your application form.


For more information, please contact info@gmist.ca.