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LIFT – Beyond the Edge

April 6 - Dec 30, 2022


The LIFT (Leadership and Innovation for the Future of Tourism) program is a peer to peer visitor experience program designed to help operators get new or enhanced tourism experiences to market!

Join 20 pre-qualified peers to work collectively over the next 6 to 8 months to create engaging tourism experiences that showcase the best of Canada!


As part of Canada’s most innovative experiential travel program you will benefit from:

  • Progressively developing your new/enhanced tourism experience over a supportive 6 to 8 month period;
  • Learning with a small, high performing group of your peers in a “think tank” approach to visitor experience development;
  • Accessing professional support/coaching from people who have walked in your shoes;
  • Optimizing the role of stories in experience development to drive emotional connections;
  • Applying research to focus your experience design, sales and marketing efforts;
  • Gaining preferred access to other GMIST programs to support your path to market.



Step 1: Dive right into the program on your own time with two e-learning courses, an onboarding session and a digital company self assessment.

Step 2: Hang on as things are going to be hectic, but fun. Join us in Gros Morne National Park for 3.5 days of an intensive “think tank” designed to help you refine your experience.

Step 3: Uncertainty at this unique time is inevitable, but we are here to LIFT you up in-person and online with coaching support.

Step 4: We want you to get #$%^ done; develop, refine and pilot your experience. It doesn’t get more real than here.

Step 5: Market the crap out of your new experience (staying true to who you are), wow guests and inspire others in our industry


  • GMIST will apply a $5000 scholarship to cover the full cost of tuition, online and in-community training, e-courses and coaching.
  • GMIST will cover in-community costs of your accommodation and most meals.
  • GMIST will reimburse up to $1000 to offset travel costs to Rocky Harbour, NL.


  • Commit to fully attending all parts of the program – If you can’t don’t apply!
  • Full participation in the 4-day, in-community part of the course in Gros Morne National Park, NL
  • Commit the time to develop your new visitor experiences while supporting others in your program. This is a team approach to benefit from the brain trust of amazing tourism professionals.
  • Participants will need access to reliable internet with camera and microphone.


Participants must demonstrate a clear idea or concept.  That means you probably have attended GMIST’s Edge of the Wedge or other experience development programs.  This isn’t an introduction to the concept of experiential travel.  You must be willing to put the work in – because if we have to chase you – we don’t want you.   That means if you can’t make it for part of the program don’t ask and don’t apply!  There is no hand holding in this program.  This is a serious time and we want serious people (who want to have fun).   We need people who want to get things done and who are willing to do so cooperatively.

You must be an existing tourism operator.  We will not accept applicants who are trying to start a new business (we have other ways to help you in that category).  You can be non-profit, for profit or government.

Most importantly we want everyone to understand that we are offering this as a pilot and want people who will give back as part of this process and who want to be part of a collegial development process.  Don’t get us wrong we are going to rock this thing but we need you to do it!


You will need to manage your time within this program.  There are lots of components that will be done on your own time and pace and others that we will provide as we co-develop support pieces you may need.  There are however a few set time frames to be aware of:

  • The program is scheduled to start with our first on-boarding session scheduled for 2:00 PM AST on Wednesday, April 6 – via Zoom.   Much of the first part of the program will be done at your own pace with the e-courses and digital evaluation.
  • May 9 -13, In-person “think tank”, Rocky Harbour, NL
  • June – Dec, 2022  – we will work as a group to set dates and times that work for the support pieces you may need.


Ok here is where we really see who wants this.  We are putting a lot of effort into this so now let’s see what you got.  Make sure you fill in this application as fully as possible.  We will only be taking 20 participants.  While, the primary focus of this program is Atlantic Canada businesses, we will be extending a few spots to operators outside the region so please feel free to apply.   So, let’s get at it and get some $%#& done!  The DEADLINE to apply is March 26, 2022.


Applications are closed



For more information email info@gmist.ca