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Visitor confidence to travel is increasing and proactive tourism businesses want to be leading the way with new and enhanced visitor experiences to attract new and returning guests. LIFT is the only program of its kind in Canada, emerging from the pandemic, that combines the best of online and in-community learning with a unique design based on peer-to-peer learning and support. Become one of 20 pre-qualified tourism professionals who will create engaging tourism experiences that showcase the best of Canada!


As part of Canada’s most innovative experiential travel program you will benefit from:

  • Progressively developing your new/enhanced
    tourism experience through a supportive learning environment;
  • Learning with a small, high performing group of your peers in a “think tank” approach to visitor experience development;
  • Accessing a leading-edge blended training program with online and in-community elements, plus a team of tourism professionals skilled in product and market development;
  • Optimizing the role of stories in experience development to drive emotional connections;
  • Engaging in multiple peer-to-peer conversations to learn from other tourism operators;
  • Gaining preferred access to other GMIST programs to support your path to market.


The LIFT program is delivered in three phases.  The first phase is all about prepping you for your time in Gros Morne, NL by helping to refine your idea.  This is done through self paced learning modules as well as a coaching call.   The second phase is a four day in person session in Gros Morne, NL.  The in person learning is designed  to help you to get your idea to a workable level so that when you leave Gros Morne you will have a road map to success.   The third phase is all about getting your idea to market.  You will work at your own pace through a number of e-courses and be supported through group zoom sessions.   In total we will provide support and training over an 8 month time frame.


  • GMIST will apply a full scholarship to cover the cost of tuition, online and in-community training, e-courses and coaching.
  • GMIST will cover in-community costs of your accommodation and most meals. Estimated $1500.  Exceptions apply.
  • GMIST will reimburse up to $1000 to offset travel costs to Rocky Harbour, NL.  Exceptions apply.


  • Commit to fully participating in all parts of the program.
  • Full participation in the 4-day, in-community portion of the program in Gros Morne National Park, NL
  • Commit the time to develop your new visitor experiences while supporting others in your program. This is a team approach to benefit from the brain trust of amazing tourism professionals.
  • Cover the costs to travel to local airport and any extra nights accommodation needed/wanted above the 4 nights covered by GMIST
  • Participants will need access to reliable internet with camera and microphone.


Participants must demonstrate that they have a clear idea or concept that they wish to develop into an experience offering.  The LIFT course is not an introduction to the concept of experiential travel.

This program is for existing tourism operators.  We will not accept applicants who are trying to start a new business (we have other ways to help you in that category).  You can be non-profit, for profit or government, but you must be the one delivering the actual tourism experience or offering!

Most importantly we want everyone to understand that we want people who will give back as part of this process and who want to be part of a collegial learning and development process.

“My experience as a participant in the first LIFT program has been beyond amazing- the content, online courses, knowledgeable facilitators, and peer support all play a huge role in making this hands-on course so incredible. I’ve never seen another course structured quite this way! Unique and impactful.”
-Chantelle MacKay-Elliott (The Ledges Inn, Doaktown, NB)


You will need to manage your time within this program.  There are lots of components that will be done on your own time and pace and others that we will provide as support pieces you may need.  There are however a few set time frames to be aware of:

  • Jan – April, 2024 –  Phase One: Much of the first part of the program will be done at your own pace with a Zoom onboarding session, e-courses and a 1:1 coaching session.
  • May 6 – 9, 2024 – Phase Two: In-person “think tank”, Gros Morne National Park, Rocky Harbour, NL
  • May – December, 2024 – Phase Three: we will work as a group to set dates and times that work for the support pieces you may need.


Applications for the Spring 2024 offering of LIFT have now closed.


For more information email info@gmist.ca