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High Value Marketing

There’s a lot of talk about the power of storytelling in building your brand and rightfully so. Great stories will set you apart from others and build loyalty by helping your customer feel a unique connection to you. The concept is really quite simple but at the same time can feel daunting for many of us.

So why does it feel so challenging to bring our stories to the forefront of our marketing?

For some, the struggle lies in identifying the various story opportunities in our businesses and figuring out how to use them throughout multiple marketing channels with consistency and impact.   For others, the struggle comes in finding the confidence to put our brand out there. Worries of “doing it wrong” or “it not working” hold us back from fully embracing this form of communication.

The High Value Marketing: Moving Your Audience to Action program is designed to give you the tools you need to create stronger content that resonates, and help you better understand the strategic side of all your marketing efforts. The program will help you understand marketing in a clear and simplified way to support you both now and as you continue to grow.

If you’re ready to become more a more effective story teller and build your marketing confidence, this interactive program is for you.

The Program

The Program is designed into three distinct on-line learning steps:

STEP 1: Discover

A personalized, one-on one session with the facilitator. This will provide the opportunity to share your unique challenges and opportunities and together and help you begin to set a clear goal for the program.

STEP 2: Learn and Create

From there the whole group will move through six two-hour online sessions via Zoom as follows:

Session 1: Goalsetting We believe that goals are your destination.   Setting realistic goals helps provide direction and keeps your attention on the intended results. Pulling from the first coaching session, participants will learn how to set and achieve attainable goals for this program. Moving forward, the training, an additional coaching session and group encouragement will support you as you work toward meeting your marketing goal so that you can exit the program with tangible results.

Session 2: Mindset and Core Values To set the group up for success, this session will speak to the common challenges leaders often face when it comes to storytelling publicly and making marketing decisions. We will discuss what might be holding you back on a deeper level and discover tools to support you as you work through this program and put your new found learnings to work. We will dive into the role core values play in storytelling, marketing and decision making.

Session 3: Core Values and Your Audience With core values in place, we will explore how to find, connect with and attract the right audience.

Session 4: Target Audiences and Storytelling Most of us can identify at least some content ideas for our business, but framing that content up in a narrative that engages people and encourages them to interact is another kettle of fish. Here we introduce the “5 Story Lenses” that can be applied to content, helping to form a stronger connection with your audience.

Session 5: Story Lenses Continued  This hands-on and interactive session will explore the “5 Story Lenses”. Group activities open our minds and help us see new ideas and initiatives!

Session 6 – Storytelling and Your Voice Like the old saying goes, it’s not just what you say but how you say it. Here we touch on how to find your unique voice to help you emotionally charge your content.

STEP 3: Take Action

The second individual coaching session will focus on specific actions you can take within your marketing/story development.

The Facilitator

Join Kerry Anne MacDougall, Founder of Insight Studio as she walks you through a process that will help you elevate the marketing stories you’re telling and the ways in which you craft them. She will guide you to dig deep and discover what makes you unique. You will be left with tools that will help you resonate with your audience and turn them into loyal customers and advocates. Kerry Anne’s passion and experience will help to inspire new ideas and take your creativity to new heights.


Coaching – Week of March 18, 2024 – Scheduled with Participants

Online Group Sessions – Wednesdays, March 27th – May 1 – 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ADT

Coaching week of May 6 – Scheduled with Participants

Who is this program for?

This program is directed at businesses and organizations who want to dig a bit deeper into how they present their story to audiences to drive sales. You must have access to a good internet connection with camera and mic for the zoom sessions.


GMIST will apply a full scholarship to cover the cost of tuition for all accepted participants.


This program is now closed to applications .    We will notify successful applicants by March 8.


For more information, please email info@gmist.ca.