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High Value Marketing – Moving Your Audience to Action

January 23, 2023

Imagine, if this was 30 years ago and you wanted to connect to your audience.  You’d probably purchase an ad in one of the local papers or radio stations. If you wanted your audience to buy, you’d craft an ad to tell them what you were selling and how they’d benefit. Marketing was primarily about advertising and repetition and the channels where you could do this were a fraction of what they are today.  So, what’s changed?

In addition to more advertising channels than ever before, (hundreds of stations, online networks, podcasts and so on) is the insertion of social media and the digital space in its entirety to our marketing mix.

The consumer (visitor) is in the driver’s seat and the explosion of information available online means consumers can get detailed information on what you’re selling from a variety of sources, including your company, from your competitors and other consumers.  So how do you sell to a consumer who has access to so much information?

What will set your brand (story) apart from the rest is your ability to make your potential customer feel a unique connection with you.   You already know that telling a story is important. As humans we are hardwired to connect to stories, and the emotions they elicit come from far more than information and facts. But if you’re like most, you’re struggling to connect your stories and use them throughout your marketing with consistency and impact.

The High Value Marketing: Moving Your Audience to Action program will help you discover those stories and practice how you can tell them across your various platforms.

The Program

The Program is designed into three distinct on line learning steps:


Through the application process we will have the opportunity to look at your various social media and web channels to be able to give an honest evaluation of where your business or organization is at.  This will be communicated in the first phase through a 45 minute one on one session with the Facilitator.


From there the whole group will move through four two hour online sessions via Zoom as follows:

Session 1 – Finding your story – so “What is your Story” – finding this will instruct everything you do from operations to marketing

Session 2 – Understanding Guest/Audience/Customer – How do you cut through and use the information you can access.  Not just who they are, but how does your audience consume their information and how that should inform your market mediums.

Session 3 – Crafting and managing your story – sales, lure and information – how do you build on different mediums to build momentum to close the sale and even managing after sales?

Session 4 – Evaluating – how do I know if any of this has been successful.   Setting up tracking mechanisms that will help inform if your marketing was on point.


Two Individual Coaching Sessions to focus on specific actions you can take within your marketing/story development.

The Facilitator

Join Kerry Anne MacDougall, Founder of Insight Studio as she walks you through a process that will help you elevate the marketing stories you’re telling and the ways in which you craft them. She will guide you to dig deep and discover what makes you unique. You will be left with tools that will help you resonate with your audience and turn them into loyal customers and advocates. Kerry Anne’s passion and experience will help to inspire new ideas and take your creativity to new heights. Afterall, marketing should feel less like work and more like an outlet.


Coaching January 23- 27 – Scheduled with Participants

Online Group Sessions Wednesday mornings Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 – 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ADT

Coaching March 1 – 23 – Scheduled with Participants

Who is this program for?

This program is directed at businesses and organizations who want to dig a bit deeper into how they present their story to audiences to drive sales. You must have access to a good internet connection with camera and mic for the zoom sessions.


GMIST will apply a full scholarship to cover the cost of tuition for all accepted participants.


Applications for this program have now closed.   We will let everyone know the status of their application by January 20 at the latest.


For more information, please email info@gmist.ca.