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Cultural Food Residency

Regrow, Regenerate, Reframe

Would you like to incorporate elements of food and culture into your guest offering?  Do you have an appreciation for locally grown or foraged food that you would like to share with your guests?  Are there stories and values that you would like to weave throughout your guest experiences?

Join Chef, Outdoorsperson, Author and Storyteller Lori McCarthy for an engaging Cultural Food Residency in Mobile, NL, the Headquarters of Food Culture Place.  You will spend three days with Lori during which you will immerse yourself into the realms of food, culture and place as you explore your own connection to these elements, their significance to community and their role in shaping meaningful tourism experiences.

What is a Cultural Food Residency?

A cultural food residency is an immersive experience that gives guests a feel for how embracing and respecting the natural environment is critical to sustainability.  While culture can be an intangible concept, a cultural food residency at Food Culture Place is an opportunity to experience culture through all of the senses, including through the taste and smell of traditional foods.

During the Regrow, Regenerate, Reframe residency, Lori will take you ‘behind the scenes’ and show you how she crafts guest experiences to bring the culture of Newfoundland and Labrador alive through food and storytelling.  In this interactive experience, she will explore crafting moments that hold deep meaning to you and your business.  You will learn how to share these with guests and how to share your values through all that you do.  By becoming aware of culture, identity and narrative, you will gain insights into the role that you can play in helping people understand the world around them and leave with a transformational travel experience.  This will be a journey of self-discovery and connection through the art of storytelling.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Unveiling cultural threads through cultural storytelling.
  • Cultivating community through shared experiences through meeting community members.
  • Exploring the concept of “moments that matter” and their significance in our lives and ways to share them with authenticity and impact.
  • Understanding how storytelling can bridge gaps of understanding by fostering empathy and compassion among diverse individuals.
  • Foraging Sessions in a variety of different landscapes.
  • Interacting with fellow participants in a Story Circle.
  • Discovering how storytelling can empower individuals and communities.
  • Learning how to incorporate elements of culture into your guest experiences, particularly food.

What to Bring

This is a fully interactive experience and you will be involved in the food preparation for all meals.  You will not need to bring your own dishes or kitchen tools.  A mess kit will be provided for your use over the course of the three days and must be returned at the end of the residency.  A water bottle can be provided as well, however you are encouraged to bring your own reusable water bottle.

Be prepared to be outdoors for part of each day, so please bring comfortable and waterproof footwear.  A warm jacket with a hood is suggested as the outdoor elements will proceed regardless of the weather.  You are encouraged to dress in layers as the weather is known to change throughout the course of the day.  Please pack mittens or gloves and a toque.

Dates & Schedule

The Cultural Food Residency will run from Friday, October 27 – Sunday, October 29.

Friday                   3 pm to 7 pm (supper included)

Saturday              9 am to 4 pm (breakfast and lunch included)

Sunday                 9 am to 7 pm (breakfast, lunch and supper included)

** Please note that is very difficult to make specific meal accommodations given the nature of this program.  If you have a dietary concern that may impact your ability to enjoy the foods prepared as part of the program, please discuss it with GMIST beforehand to determine if this program is suitable for you.


GMIST will cover the $1800 tuition costs for this learning experience.  Participants will be responsible to pay for their own travel to and from Mobile, NL and their accommodations.  There are several accommodations options located nearby, and one that is just a three-minute walk away.  You are welcome to choose your own accommodations and travel to and from Mobile for the daily residency activities.  GMIST and Food Culture Place can assist with making travel and accommodation arrangements as required.

The Facilitator

The Cultural Food Residency will be led by Lori McCarthy, Founder and Owner of Food Culture Place.  Lori identifies fiercely as a Newfoundlander, which means more than just geographical location of birth to her. Her passion for the land is matched only by her passion for food culture.

To be a wild chef, forager, hunter, educator and avid outdoorsperson is less unusual amongst Newfoundlanders than you might think. The province’s culture is based on the values of resourcefulness and working with what the land provides. Lori has made it her life, becoming a leader and advocate in a back to the land approach where traditional food culture is central.

Food Culture Place is a Cultural Food Residency program crafted to invite people to experience the island’s way of life. The days are designed to share a better understanding of the people and place that she holds so close to her heart, ensuring the next generation who will inherit this land will keep the traditions alive and will care for it with great pride.

Application Process

This program is now closed for applications.