Celes Davar – A facilitator for Edge of the Wedge

May 4, 2009

Celes Davar owns and operates Earth Rhythms, Inc. His company is located on the south boundary of Riding Mountain National Park in southern Manitoba. Celes specializes in delivering a variety of year-round experiences that involve bringing guests face to face with chefs, artists, musicians, aboriginal teachers, yoga practitioners, guides, naturalists, agricultural producers, and many other remarkable people. Each experience is customized to fit each individual traveler or group. The key benefits for this type of sustainable tourism business is that guests are more directly engaged, tourism is approached as a partnered community business venture, and the quality of guest experiences is enhanced. In particular, Celes is passionate about integrating art, culture, nature, and cuisine into customized “experiences that are diverse and enriching”. He has developed a remarkable partnership with over 50 local people in rural Manitoba as an award-winning Canadian “experience broker”. Coaching and mentoring the development of these partnerships with local people have helped make these customized experiences possible. He is excited to share the importance and value of creating partnerships and creative development of rich experiences as viable sustainable tourism opportunities within your own community.

Celes Devar - Facilitator for Edge of the Wedge

Celes Davar - Facilitator for the Edge of the Wedge