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Month: January 2010

Saving the CAT

January 27, 2010

Social Media as a Tool for Advocacy  A group of NS Edge of the Wedge graduates are utilizing YouTube to help influence and reverse a decision by Nova Scotia’s Government to cut funding to the ferry service between Yarmouth, NS and Maine.  Julie Grandy one of the lead organizers of the YouTube initiative says, “we… Read More

Culturally Authentic Certification

January 19, 2010

The Aboriginal Tourism Association of B.C. unveiled their new logo which will designate native works as culturally authentic.  Read More

Best Practice Missions

January 18, 2010

Best Practices Missions provide tourism planners and operators with first-hand industry knowledge and information on development and marketing models which exemplify such attributes as quality, high productivity, successfulness, experiential tourism, sustainable tourism practices, and motivation to travel.  There are a number of very exciting best practice missions coming up in March and April 2010 through ACOA’s… Read More