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Business Brand Development and Customer Engagement through Social Media Workshop


This one-day workshop will help businesses focus on key areas of brand awareness in a social media age. Throughout the day participants will be led through various training excercises that will help them understand how they engage their customers and provide a high level customer service experience through social media. Once the session is complete, participants will walk away with a better understanding of how to reflect their brands online (and off…) and utilize social media platforms to build their business.

The Workshop is in Four Parts:

Part 1 – The Fundamentals

The day begins with ensuring an understanding of the basic principles of social media is understood – platforms that allow business owners to be “social” with their audience.

Part 2 – Your Brand

From the fundamentals we will move into a more in depth look at branding and marketing. What exactly is a brand (we hear about it all the time but how is that relevant to a local operator?) and how do you go about conveying your brand?

Part 3 – Brand Management and Customer Service

Using their brand personality exercise, we will look at how to reflect that online when managing both positive and negative feedback. We will look at case studies of how a variety of situations online were managed (the good, the bad and the ugly) and discuss those as a group.

Part 4 – The Platforms and Tools

Once the fundamentals are understood, we will look at the most utilized platforms, bringing them up on a screen in the room. We will log onto Facebook, Twitter and Trip Advisor, pointing out different elements of interest and discussing the benefits of each platform including.

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? Owners, managers and operational decision-makers of small and medium tourism businesses/assocations who have some knowledge of Social Media but would like to use it more strategically!